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Admissions Philosophy

Redeemer Christian School serves Marion County as a mission school. Admission to RCS is based on academic and behavioral parameters and is open to children of Christ-followers as well as to the children of those who do not follow Christ. All faculty and staff are committed Christ-followers and all curriculum and instruction is delivered from a biblical perspective. As Christians, our hope is that every student at Redeemer Christian School would know and follow Christ.

Admissions Process

Redeemer Christian School welcomes your interest and we are excited to share with you information regarding our admissions process. Every admission begins with a conversation between you and us. Your child's educational needs represent one of the most important decisions you'll make. We want to take the time to insure you make the best decision based on your child's particular needs. Thus, a student’s admission is based on a personal interview, their current level of academic performance, previous academic records, standardized test results, and the results of an admission screening test.

Parents and students who know and follow Jesus as their savior as well as those who have not yet made that decision to follow Jesus are welcomed to apply.
It is the policy of Redeemer Christian School to accept applicants without regard to economic, social, racial, or denominational status. 

It All Begins With A Tour!

The application process begins with a tour of our campus and a meeting with an administrator. COMPLETE THE INQUIRY FORM and you will be contacted to schedule a tour.

During the tour, we'll walk you through the interview, application and screening process as we determine together how best to serve you and your student. Please call us at (352)854-2999 or email us if you have specific questions regarding the process. We look forward to meeting you and to helping you determine how best to serve your student's needs.