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Athletic Philosophy

Core Values and Athletic Philosophy

In that the core values of RCS are stated to reflect the foundational structure of the school, both in its belief and practice, the school’s athletic philosophy is designed to be an extension and reflection of these values.  Within the text of our core values stated below, there are specific presuppositions that will guide the development of the best practices for administrating an athletic department. 

In that Redeemer Christian School exists as a ministry element of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, the core values pursuant to school ministry are firmly couched in the corporate values of the church.  Thus, the articulation of specific statements framing the school is made in that corporate context.  These beliefs shape our presuppositions in establishing a distinctly Biblical philosophy and defining a commitment to a mission community.

Recognizing that we tend to embrace the world and ourselves, rather than God and the Scriptures, we consciously embark on a journey to construct a school reflective of a Biblical model of education.  While much could be said in describing such a model, we believe that essential elements include a growing understanding of our Son-ship with God, a relational approach to issues and people, and a commitment to discipleship.  The following core values further illustrate Redeemer Christian School’s particular context in conducting education.

The Athletic Program . . . assumes a biblical view of the physical world.  In other words, all that God created is good, especially the crown of his creation --- us.   From the entry developmental levels to the intensely competitive levels, athletics are an expression of God’s image, His glory in us.  We are fallen, though, and because our hearts are polluted with sin, we pervert athletic endeavors with the pursuit of vain glory and the praise of man.  Yet the scope of God’s redemption in Christ is intended to reach the court, the field, and the locker room.  Through the special revelation of the gospel revealed in the Word, we pursue a new way of living by grace rather than shame, fear, or performance.  Our minds are being renewed to pursue the glory of God rather than our own.  Finally, through the insights in general revelation, the program seeks to employ established and emerging principles and knowledge of coaching, training, and administration.  In so doing, not only have we come under the reign and rule of Christ, but we are also extending his reign and rule in the world.