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  • 1/23 Re-enrollment Begins
  • 2/20 Presidents Day - No School
  • 2/21 Open Enrollment Begins
  • 3/6 8th Grade Trip
  • 3/7 8th Grade Trip
  • 3/7 End of third grading period
  • 3/8 8th Grade Trip
  • 3/9 8th Grade Trip
  • 3/10 8th Grade Trip
  • 3/13 Spring Break
  • 3/14 Spring Break
  • 3/15 Spring Break
  • 3/16 Spring Break
  • 3/17 Spring Break
  • 3/20 In-service - No School
  • 3/31 Spring Event - Booster
  • 4/10 Stanford 10 Testing
  • 4/11 Stanford 10 Testing
  • 4/12 Stanford 10 Testing
  • 4/13 Stanford 10 Testing
  • 4/14 Good Friday - No School
  • 4/16 Easter Sunrise Service at Good Shepherd
  • 4/17 In-service - No School

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What difference will Redeemer make in the life of your child?


Christian education teaches the whole truth.

People often criticize Christian education for sheltering students from the real world. We do just the opposite.  With Scripture at the center of all we teach, our education is founded and framed by what is most ultimately true. We teach children that they are created in God’s image and therefore they have value and purpose. The goal of Christian education is to help them discover and live out His plan for their lives. We teach children that there is a reason for the brokenness inside us and around us, and that we need a Savior.

Christian education teaches the whole child.

The Bible teaches that we are created in the very image of God. This radical idea has many implications. One implication is that education is not merely “academic.” In addition to “reading, writing, and arithmetic,” we also seek to train students in proper relationships, in responsible behavior, in physical fitness, in the creative arts, and ultimately in seeking the proper worship of their Heavenly Father. We seek to foster the maturity of responsible, godly, productive young adults who love Jesus and their neighbor, who lead through creative, loving service, and who ultimately make an impact for good on their world.

Christ in All Things

We all view the world through a specific lens. Some see life as a random series of events with no purpose beyond what we create for ourselves.  Others see the world in purely moralistic terms, where “good behavior” is the key to a good life. Ironically, both of these worldviews trend toward empty individualism and despair.

The gospel is different. A biblical worldview claims (with good evidence) that there is a Creator, that He created all things with a purpose, that sin has corrupted His purpose, and that He made a way for all things to be made new again. This biblical view calls students to discover their purpose and calling. It challenges them to realize their tremendous value in God’s plan of creation and redemption. It calls them to something much larger than their own individual success. It calls them to purpose, to service, to significance and transcendence.

True Christian education presents lofty goals and demands sacrifice and hard work. The mission can’t be successful without God’s undeserved grace. At Redeemer Christian School, these are our aims and this is our calling. Come see the difference as we partner with parents and families to teach truth and purpose to the whole child.